Future Township


27TH JUNE 2014


Today Chhattisgarh is one of the fastest growing states of the country. It has acquired considerable attention for its remarkable performance on the development front. The development of the state has fuelled in the demand for latest Infrastructural, building Technologies for the sustainable construction development in the state. The development and the growth rate of the state is opening new market, giving opportunity to the construction industry for investment in the fertile market where return on investment is higher.

Futurex Trade Fair & Events grabbing the same opportunity is coming up with CHHATTISGARH BUILDCON 2014, to provide a platform to all the investors to share their views and join hands in the development of the state. It will be an international conference on Building & Construction sector (Modern Trends & Challenges) supported by media partner Nava Bharat and eminent names from the industry, with the objective to contribute for research, development and innovation in the building, Architecture, Construction & Engineering Sector.


Chhattisgarh is truly a land of opportunities. With all major minerals including diamonds in abundance, it is the richest State in mineral resources. There are mega industries in Steel, Aluminum and Cement. Chhattisgarh contributes substantially to the Human Resources of India. Several hundred students from the State qualify for admissions in prestigious academic institutions every year..

Chhattisgarh’s gross state domestic product for 2010 is estimated at INR 600.79 billion in current prices. The economy of Chhattisgarh has grown rapidly in recent years with a growth rate of 11.49 per cent in GDP for 2009–2010. Chhattisgarh’s success factors in achieving high growth rate are growth in agriculture and industrial production. Chhattisgarh have witnessed high Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) growth rate above 10 per cent per annum during the Tenth Five Year Plan period (2002–7).

Our Speakers

Ar Apul Tandon


Ar Rajkumar Prajapati

Chairman Chhattisgarh Chapter of IIA

Ar Ratan J Batliboi

Ratan J Batliboi Architects Private Limited

Mr Ajay Dudeja


Mr Anand Singhania

President CREDAI

Mr Apoorv Vij

Teri Griha

Mr Deepankar Garg

Alstone Industries Pvt Ltd

Mr Kaushik Sarkar

Reliance Industries Ltd


- Township Planning Skills in the Construction Sector

Expertise and research involved for developing Eco-friendly townships, The need for skill development in the construction industry, The role of Government.


– Sustainable Construction: Practices for a Better Future

Innovative construction materials for sustainable development, Utilization of passive energy in building designs, Green certification of buildings.


– Energy Conservation

Strategy to conserve the available resources and Zero Fossil usage; Water Harvesting; Waste Management.


– Affordable Housing:

Enabling Housing for All Enabling PPP in affordable housing. Fly Ash – An alternative construction material for low cost housing. Promoting rental housing in urban areas.


– Product Certification

Importance of product certification and Quality standards; Zero Carbon Emission.


– Modern Technology in Construction

Pre-fabrication: faster construction, lower costs. Use of GIS for land records modernisation.

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