Sri Lanka’s construction services sector has witnessed a boom in the recent years particularly in the property, development sector economic development , rapid urbanization and increased consumer spending has been facilitated through the government’s growth and development plan support from urban development authority . Together this proactive approach has fueled in the demand for construction in the form of housing, high-rise buildings , condominiums , hospitals , schools and universities , roads , highways and bridges and hotels among others.

The Conference on Innovative, Lightweight, Faster and Sustainable Building Technology will bring idea of answering to the booming construction need of Sri Lanka and formulating grounds to impart right & sustainable construction Methods.


1. Industrialization of Construction

* Innovative Technologies in Industrialization of Building Construction

* Localization of Modern Structural Systems

* Improvement of Traditional Technologies using Modern Materials and Techniques

2. Analysis, Design and Construction of Modern Structural Systems and Modern Techniques for Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Structures

* Modern Structural Systems, Members and Innovative Connections

* New Achievements in Analyzing, Design and Implementation of Lightweight and Modern Structures

* Semi-Active and Passive Control of Structures

* Innovations in Design of Special Structures (tall buildings, space frames, etc.)

* Modern Materials and Techniques for Strengthening and Retrofitting of Structures

3. Application of Modern Materials in Civil Engineering

* Application of Composites and Nanomaterials in Civil Engineering

* Lightweight Materials in Civil Engineering

* Production and Application of Special Concrete (e.g: RCC, FRC, SCC, HPC, UHPC, etc.)

* New Developments in Production of Hot and Cold Rolled Steel Sections

* Application of Modern Materials and Techniques in Geotechnical,Road and Transportation Engineering

* Application of Modern Fire Resistant and Fire Retardant Materials and Coatings in Civil Engineering

4. Environmentally Friendly Materials and Technologies and Efficient Water and Energy Consumption

* The use of Modern Materials in Green Building

* Reusable and Environmental Friendly Materials

* Durable and Sustainable Materials and elements in Civil Engineering

* Application of Modern Materials and Techniques for Insulation and Efficient Energy Consumption

* The use of Renewable Energy in Construction

* Cement Replacement Materials (e.g: Geo-polymers, Pozzolans, etc.)

* Life–Cycle Environmental Assessment of Modern Materials and Technologies in Civil Engineering

* Sustainable Building Certification Systems (e.g: LEED, BREEAM, CASBEE, etc.)



Structural Engineers

Civil Engineers,






Quanty Surveyors

Project Managers

Govt. Departments

Fabricators from across the country

University Academies


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